WebStamp April 17, 2017 | Volume 01 Issue 11

Volume 01 Issue 11

April 17, 2017

Inside this Issue:

  • Make a M.A.D. Move
  • Main Street Initiative -Revisited
  • Tiny House Communities –Design Concept

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Articles in this Issue of WebStamp

Your M.A.D. Move can be anything from giving someone a helping hand, volunteering for a good cause, or donating, even a little, to a charity or organization. WebStamp’s Make A Difference (M.A.D.) Movement is more than supporting specific causes, it's about motivating those Calgarians that always wanted to do something to make a difference, but were not sure on how or what to do to get there.
Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan began a movement in the fall of 2014 to reshape the city with community oriented vibrant main street corridors. After organizing 2 years of input from Calgarians, work has begun on 7 priority areas in helping to connect and create vibrant communities.
In order to develop more sustainable, worry-less, tiny house communities we must first set guidelines to determine the use and functionality of the project. First, we must ask why such a development would be merited. Most people looking to downsize to a tiny house are looking to simplify their lives and live, hopefully, mortgage free.


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