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  • Making A Difference
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  • Be Part of The Energy

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WebStamp July 24, 2017

Most Calgarians have done something that has made a difference that has left a lasting impression on someone, the community, or even the World. With Mayor Nenshi’s 3 Things for Calgary Sesquicentennial initiative, we see that many Calgarians are doing many various small acts of kindness that are leaving a lasting impression of wellbeing to fellow Canadians.
What is Tiny House Living Actually? That really depends on your lifestyle. Tiny houses range from 100 sq. ft. to a 1000⏍ft. There are many Calgarians living tiny already.
Back in 2011 Calgary Economic Development introduced the "be part of the energy" slogan to attract workers in hopes of filling the labour shortage created by the rapidly expanding oil & gas sector in Alberta. To create unison and with the business community wanting to use it for branding Calgary the new slogan was also adopted by Calgary Tourism, Meetings & Conventions Calgary, Sport Calgary and Calgary Arts Development. Even though it was created mostly dealing with the energy sector, "be part of the energy" refers to much more in describing what Calgary is.

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