Volume 02 Issue 14

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  • Participate in the Spirit of Christmas
  • Advantagees of Tiny House Communities
  • I am your life insurance policy

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WebStamp November 27, 2017

With the Holiday Season beginning and the last month to participate in Canada’s Sesquicentennial, now is a perfect time to discover the true meaning of Christmas. One can discover the Christmas Spirit through the traditions and elements associated with the holidays.
We all are aware Tiny House Living is economical housing providing savings in money and reduce maintenance and upkeep while providing more leisure time for a higher quality of life and saves the environment. However, the advantages that TH communities can provide to a city living environment, such as less urban sprawl, reduced traffic congestion, and a larger tax base, are basically neglected.
Enjoy the message from your life insurance policy reminding people they need to keep and maintain their life insurances they have in place.

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