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WebStamp January 10, 2018

Canada’s 150 years of Confederation was quite the year to remember. The majority of Canadians participated in the many great events and activities nation-wide sponsored by the government, corporations, and citizens alike. The theme of the Sesquicentennial was to bring communities and cultures together and getting Canadians involved by contributing with gifts and community participation.
Before we begin a movement to get land-use bylaws changed in Calgary to accommodate affordable tiny house properties, we need to define what the movement is. In previous WebStamp articles, This Tiny House Movement is about amending land-use bylaws to allow smaller residential lots for affordable homeownership for first-time buyers and low-income families.
In 1980, with Canadian entrepreneur Nelson Skalbania purchase of the Atlantic Flames and moving the franchise to Calgary a new stadium was required to meet major league standards.

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