Volume 02 Issue 17

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  • Doing Business in the 21st Century
  • Tiny House Bylaw Amendment Movement
  • Should We Host a Second Olympics?

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WebStamp January 10, 2018

The global evolution of the internet has dramatically changed the way we do business. In the 21st century people perform much of their activities, including business, online. Social media has also given the customer a voice allowing consumers to rate your products, services and business, shaping its future. Today one has to be connected to Social Media to connect with today’s consumers.
The Tiny House Land-Use Bylaw Amendment Movement continues with defining it in greater detail. Last issue we mentioned that we figured the best approach with this movement is by using the current system used to amend Individual parcels of land. WebStamp continues with step 1 where we consult Calgarians on their thoughts about developing tiny house communities within Calgary. Become part of the movement by taking our Tiny House Land-Use Bylaw Amendment Movement Survey helping us with the understanding of what a tiny house property should be.
Calgary City Council has begun looking into the possibly of hosting the 2026 Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games. With current Olympics being much larger and the costs more inflated, Calgary’s successful hosting of the 1988 Winter Olympics is not in the same league as hosting one today.

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