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Volume 02 Issue 06

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  • Support yourself through the local economy
  • The Historic Grain Exchange Building
  • Tiny House Communities - Less stressful way of living

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One might ask how one could support themselves through the local economy? The answer is that by buying locally from local retailers and businesses one actually reinvests back into the local economy. With many of the larger national, or even global, businesses your financial contribution usually flows out of the community. With the money that local merchants receive, they reinvest back into the community by being more productive, expanding, and creating more jobs.
Historically it was the first building to expand Calgary’s business section off 8th Ave. The Grain Exchange Building was the first building in Calgary to have an elevator and the first built using the newly developed technique “Kahn”, a reinforced concrete method of construction.
Living in a tiny house is living a minimalistic lifestyle without the burden of excessive space, maintenance and expense. Today an average family has to have both adults working to cover living expenses and support the household. There is little left for entertainment, after school activities or daycare.

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