WebStamp June 26, 2019

An Auspicious Find

As you walk from Eau Claire over the Jaipur Bridge onto Prince’s Island you will encounter An Auspicious Find. This sparkling icon of public art reflects the ecological aspects of Prince's Island - water, air and land. The panels themselves are a twist on traditional stained-glass consisting of around 15,000 glass marbles captured in perforated and riveted steel displaying flora and fauna mounted on top of stone columns.


A prismatic effect of colour expels from the four pixilated images of a Flower, a Feather, a DragonFly, and a Fish Tail when sunlight passes through the marbles. Throughout the day the artwork varies with the position of the sun emphasizing what a visitor to Prince’s Island can experience and enjoy.  

As a collaborative project between the Public Art Program and the City of Calgary Parks Department An Auspicious Find was assigned a budget of $24,000 and completed in 2004. The artist Lori Sobkowich, a local Calgarian, was chosen through an open call process among interested artists that submitted an application for the project.

Lori is known for her creative ways she uses her skills in fine art, art glass, and scenic stage and film craft. She rose to status as an international glass artist after receiving many awards and scholarships including the Bronfman Award as an Outstanding Canadian Artist. She received both public and corporate commissions with her renowned skills and design abilities that include a glass and scenic design work that can be seen in the Calgary International Airport and a glass installation/sculpture at the ENMAX place.

An Auspicious Find is one of Calgary’s Public Art that is nearly universally appreciated by all. It is an enlightening piece one should enjoy throughout a sunny day while exploring Prince’s Island. Don’t miss out discovering one of Calgary’s bright colourful Public Art.

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WebStamp June 26, 2019

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As you walk from Eua Claire over the Jaipur Bridge onto Prince’s Island you will encounter An Auspicious Find reflecting the ecological aspects of Prince's Island; water, air and land.
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