WebStamp June 26, 2019

Continuing With Making A Difference

As WebStamp begins it’s 4th year of publication we are excited with all the progressive ways we are developing to encourage Calgarians in supporting the local economy. We have already created the WebStamp Free Local Business Directory, a local online shopping mall, and have written numerous articles on creating a more sustainable lifestyle striving towards a Circular Economy, supportable living, and evolving Calgary for an enhanced future.


This year we hope to finally be introducing the ability for our readers to collect WebStamp Stamps that can be used as a discount on items in WebStamp’s Local Marketplace. Simply by interacting with our website by leaving a comment, participating in a survey, or sharing WebStamp’s content will reward you with WebStamp Stamps.

To encourage local shopping WebStamp Stamps collected can then be used to reduce the cost of items for sale by local merchants in WebStamp’s Local Marketplace. In the coming year, we will continue to encourage Calgarians to Join the M.A.D. Movement and work towards Making A Difference by getting involved with their Communities and Reaping The Benefits of Buying Locally.  There are so many ways Calgarians can Make A Difference towards developing enriched communities for all to enjoy. Everyone, including governments, companies, organizations, and citizens alike need to work together to achieve a more comfortable, eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle.

WebStamp continues inspiring with the development of a Circular Economy as a major step toward achieving sustainable living. Following the 5-Rs For Sustainable Living is one way people can reduce climate change, waste reduction, and create sustainability. Businesses could improve the economy and preserve the environment by following Circular Business Models and providing products as a service. Let us all together Make A Difference in improving our lifestyles and creating a better environment.

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WebStamp June 26, 2019

WebStamp continues inspiring with encouraging Calgarians to Join the M.A.D. Movement and work towards Making A Difference by getting involved with their Communities and Reaping The Benefits of Buying Locally.
Everyone needs to get involved and Make A M.A.D. Move to promote change. Only when the masses speak up is when progress seems to be made. It is up to you, your family, and friends to make the change by banding together to improve our lifestyles and environment
As you walk from Eua Claire over the Jaipur Bridge onto Prince’s Island you will encounter An Auspicious Find reflecting the ecological aspects of Prince's Island; water, air and land.
Marinus (René) Verschuren
Marinus (René) Verschuren
Founder of WebStamp
René has been involved in the publishing and printing industry since the 1970s. He has published and distributed a successful 24-page weekly news advertiser with a circulation of 4400 copies. Also for the last 20 years, he has been a printer, plotter, scanner and 3D printer technician and installer. Since High School, he also has worked as a janitor, cabinet maker, building construction, landscaper/designer, computer operator producing microfiche, graphic artist, and webmaster, among many other professions. This qualifies him as a Jack-of-All-Trades with plenty of knowledge in many subjects.