WebStamp June 26, 2019

Make A M.A.D. Economic Move

Everyone has been affected by the current state of affairs of world economics. High unemployment, increasing prices and costs, and the lack of interaction with governments, companies, organizations, and people being slow to change towards creating a more sustainable economy and business practices has resulted in this economic instability. Its time for the majority to eradicate the economic control and manipulation that is controlled by the greedy 2% determined to acquiring massive wealth.


The invention of assembly lines and mass production of the industrial age has developed an overabundance of disposable goods that have improved our lifestyles; however, it continues to complicate our lives. The current practices used for commerce is definitely growing the economy with additional productivity and income only benefiting those at the top of the wealth ladder. Building and selling a large number of products only for excessive profit without the consideration of being responsible for the entire life cycle of a product is only generating excessive waste and economic turmoil.

It is mainly the large corporations that have created an environment that convinces consumers spending and gaining material wealth brings happiness. They also take advantage of many tax loopholes preventing them from contributing to the general public’s economy. They build products that are cheap and non-repairable forcing consumers to buy new. For those products that are repairable the parts are way over-priced and many times you are purchasing a unit of components instead of only replacing the faulty piece. 

For example, companies that manufacture printers sell inexpensive printers with consumables and repairs costing more than the printer itself.

Also, their consumables are way overpriced that replacing them all usually overprices the cost of a new printer. These practices of manufacturing excessive amounts of disposal products must end to allow the economy to become sustainable and protect our resources and environment.  

For the economy to stabilize we need to curb the financial profiteers from taking advantage of controlling and destroying the economy. The economy has been very slow to recovering for the last 10 years using the current antiquated business models based on profit. The European Union is developing with businesses to develop Circular Business Models geared toward creating a more sustainable economy and eco-friendly environment. 

All forms of government are having issues with controlling their expenses and over-taxing its citizens and business. A prime example is City Council and their trouble managing business property taxes. They are also looking to closing unprofitable golf courses because they are overpaying city employees running them. How many other departments have overpaid employees? 

The move taken by the Canadian Government to ban single-use plastics by 2021 is too little too late. The government should have taken action on playing a greater role to the recycling issue years ago. Create remanufacturing facilities that create employment and waste cleanup.  Recycling and re-manufacturing could also create additional government revenue to help reduce taxes and not services and facilities.

Everyone needs to get involved and Make A M.A.D. Move to promote change. Only when the masses speak up is when progress seems to be made. It is up to you, your family, and friends to make the change by banding together to improve our lifestyles and environment. WebStamp is committed to promoting local commerce and improving the local economy so watch for more articles to inspire you to Make A Difference in building a prosperous future for all.

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WebStamp June 26, 2019

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Everyone needs to get involved and Make A M.A.D. Move to promote change. Only when the masses speak up is when progress seems to be made. It is up to you, your family, and friends to make the change by banding together to improve our lifestyles and environment
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Marinus (René) Verschuren
Marinus (René) Verschuren
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