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Becoming a WebStamp Affiliate Member is a great way to connect locally with Calgary. Promoting local commerce is what WebStamp is all about. As an Affiliate you will connect with Calgarians through several means.

Affiliate Membership Privileges

We have more in the works for our Affiliate Members. We will be introducing a public rating system for our Affiliates and their products and web analytics to use for their marketing planning.

Also in the development is a local rewards program. Readers will be able to collect WebStamp Stamps which can be used as a discount towards products sold in WebStamp's Marketplace. To encourage readers to shop locally at our Affiliate Members, subscribers will also be able to collect stamps on products sold in their establishments.

Become an Affiliate Member and do your part in promoting local shopping.

Affiliate Membership Application

Fill out the following form to apply for a WebStamp Affiliate Membership. One of our representatives will contact you to help you setup your membership. You can also order your WebStamp Affiliate Membership through our Marketplace.

Affiliate Membership Application Form

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