Make A Difference With Your Vote

On the tails of an uncalled-for federal election, Calgarians are somewhat disinterested in Calgary’s civic election. The federal election has created a lack of interest in the political system even though this 2021 civic election is going to be a decisive change for Calgarians. This has also interrupted the civic election campaigning leaving many wondering if their vote will really make a difference.


There were many reasons why 28% of eligible voters in 2011 and 23% in the 2015 federal election did not vote. In Calgary’s 2017 civic election 41.9% of Calgarians didn’t vote even though it was the highest voter turnout in 40 years. The most common reason reported for not voting was not being interested in politics, followed by being too busy.

We will only get the kind of government we want by using the most effective tool at our disposal — the ballot. To get a true representation of a getting a government that is chosen by and for the people everyone that qualifies must participate in the voting process. Statistics have shown that those who are born and raised as Canadians participate the least, while immigrants have the highest turnout of voters.

We have seen how one vote can Make A Difference in the past, with Federally the Liberals ousting the PCs, and how the NDP overthrew the PCs in Alberta are some examples. Even Mayor Nenshi came up from behind to win over the popular forerunners Ric McIver and Barb Higgins. A change can be made by voting, even though it is only one voice out of a thousand.

Then Vote to voice your opinion because it does count. Democracy doesn’t work if people don’t participate.  Be sure to vote for the type of government you have envisioned that will benefit the way you live. And while you’re at it, be sure to spread the word about how important it is to vote and how it can Make A Difference.

Marinus (René) Verschuren
Marinus (René) Verschuren
Founder of WebStamp, WebStamp
René has been involved in the publishing and printing industry since the 1970s. He has published and distributed a successful 24-page weekly news advertiser with a circulation of 4400 copies. Also for the last 20 years, he has been a printer, plotter, scanner and 3D printer technician and installer. Since High School, he also has worked as a janitor, cabinet maker, building construction, landscaper/designer, computer operator producing microfiche, graphic artist, and webmaster, among many other professions. This qualifies him as a Jack-of-All-Trades with plenty of knowledge in many subjects.


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