In the September 19th Issue of WebStamp, I voiced my opinion on the Idle Construction Zones sitting for months without any work done. It’s now time for an update on the now idle completed construction zones I wrote about on 32nd Ave. at Rundleside Drive because it is still there a week past the proposed completion date. This construction zone has been removed from the Calgary traffic report and road closures web page after the completion date of September 18, yet it’s still there. Why have a website informing you of construction zones with incorrect information?

If a construction is completed and the barriers are still there Calgarians still need to be informed that a construction zone is still in effect. The city needs to begin micromanaging its construction zones. Either hire more workers or complete one project before starting another. I don’t mind a construction zone when necessary, but there are so many of them that are idle for weeks at a time. The BRTs on 42 Ave had the final component of sod laid on the completion date of September 18th, yet it sat idle for over 3 weeks earlier.


  We, as commuters, need to speak up and inform city council about our concerns about idle construction zones. Construction barricades and signage should be removed shortly after completion of the project. Become part of the M.A.D. Movement and Make A Difference by speaking up about the many unnecessary idle and completed construction zones. The more people we have voiced their concerns about idle construction zones, the more likely we can convince the city to eliminate unnecessary road obstacles. It's up to you!

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