Re-posted from our beta issue April 1, 2016

Left lane Only for Passing ans Emergency Vehicles

Emergency Vehicles always seem to have issues maneuvering during traffic. Last year the city was looking for solutions to the situation. Well, we at WebStamp have come up with a great solution. First, the city should put up many more signs that say Slower Traffic Keep Right to encourage those slow drivers to not block the left lane. There should be a new sign developed that should read: Use Left Lane for Passing and Emergency Vehicles Only, encouraging drivers to leave the left lane open for emergency vehicles.

Give us your opinion on the new sign, and who knows where it will lead to; better traffic flow and Calgary having a unique road sign. Let’s hear your opinion and we will let Calgary know what your thoughts are. There are many drivers whom are not familiar with all the rules of the road and need to be educated on how to break their bad habits.


Untied Graphics Inc.

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