WebStamp December 17, 2016

Volume 01 Issue 04

Inside this Issue:

  • WebStamp Has Returned
  • Traditions of Christmas are for All
  • Giving the Joy of Christmas
  • Ecological Footprint

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WebStamp December 17, 2016

The New WebStamp, improved to be more effective at connecting Calgarians and businesses with their communities in helping improving the local economy.
Since the dawn of man the winter solstice has been celebrated to bring light and warmth to the darkest and coldest time of the year. Christmas as we know it today was derived from the pagan celebration Saturnalia, celebrating the god of agriculture, Saturn.
Many of today’s traditions celebrated during the holiday season were old traditions practiced during the winter solstice festivals of many religions. Canadian Christmas celebrations are a weave of French, British, American and pagan traditions that developed into a religious and secular celebration worldwide for all to enjoy.
Global warming seems to be upon us. We have been warned for years that we need to reduce our ecological footprint to help save the planet. President Obama has the right idea by using renewable energy, and I laugh at the senator that stated “We don’t need to anything now, because it’s not affecting us now”. The disasters seem to be getting worse. I am sure that some of the climate change is due to normal evolution of the planet, however the human race is a big contributor to a large portion of the change.


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