WebStamp  Volume 01 Issue 05 | January 23, 2017

Volume 01 Issue 05

In this Issue:

  • Calgary & Canada’s 150th
  • Revival of The Community Hub
  • Calgary’s Traffic Lights
  • Calgary Celebrating the Sesquicentennial

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WebStamp January 23, 2017

To help encourage building communities and participation in Canada’s sesquicentennial many organizations, communities and events in Calgary received funding from the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th Birthday. Calgarians can enjoy Canada’s 150th Birthday all year long.
Historic Calgary City Hall is the only surviving regional example of the monumental civic halls that were erected in several Prairie cities before 1930. This is why city hall was designated as a historic building by the province in 1978, a national historic site in 1984, and as Calgary’s first municipal heritage resource in 1991.
This issue’s blog is all about the poor synchronization of Calgary’s traffic lights and how it creates more congestion than is necessary.
Throughout the year, Canada 150 festivities are a great opportunity for Calgarians to connect with one another and celebrate our country’s accomplishments, while enjoying events and initiatives to honour our country’s history and heritage. Even Mayor Nenshi has challenged Calgarians to give our nation back a gift of three things—three acts of service in 2017.


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