Volume 01 Issue 09

April 17, 2017

Inside this Issue:

  • Make a M.A.D. Move
  • Main Street Initiative -Revisited
  • Tiny House Communities –Design Concept

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Articles in this Issue of WebStamp

Participating in your local community and organizations gives a sense of belonging along with mutual support, strength, and influence. If you are not involved with your local community, you will miss out on the opportunity to inform your neighbours in activities and events that appeal to you.
The Elbow Bridge played a vital role in connecting the town of Calgary with the ranchers and residents southeast of the Elbow River. When it washed away during the 1883 flood, Calgarians were disconnected and it would take three years before the town would be able to fund a new bridge
As a teenager and young adult, Dianne suffered from acne which left her with dark, unattractive acne scars. For many years, these facial imperfections left her feeling self-conscious. She has begun her own business selling the products that restored her skin and gave her confidence.


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