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  • # Me Too For All
  • Tiny House Properties - Changing Social Attitudes
  • Women are Persons

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WebStamp March 7, 2018

The “Me To” movement, through Social Media, has recently created an explosion of sexual abuse and misconduct accusations by women against men of power and influence. This Me Too movement should be more than women retaliating for past injustices, and instead of being one-sided, should include women and men working together to achieve equality for all, no matter the gender, race, or social group.
During a recent discussion on tiny house land-use bylaws with a WebStamp reader, I realized that a major roadblock to developing tiny lots is the current social perception that homeowners have thinking their property will diminish in value and degrade the community. This line of thinking comes from the last century where owning a large house made you respectable and living in a trailer park made you a lower-class citizen. In actuality, most of today’s mobile home parks are close-knit communities of respectable citizens with many having their own community association.
WebStamp continues exploring Calgary’s Public Art as we go a few blocks south of The Family of Man that we explored in our last issue to Olympic Plaza and visit The Famous Five. These statues honour five Alberta women active in campaigning for women’s rights, whom in 1927 sought to legally have women considered as persons. They wanted women to be able to be appointed to the Senate. An identical statue of the famous Five exists also on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

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