Volume 02 Issue 22

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This issue we talk about how volunteering not only benefits those you are helping but also your self-esteem and health. We also look into some misconceptions about tiny house living.

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WebStamp April 04, 2018

There are many ways one can Join the M.A.D. Movement and make a difference, not only for others, but even themselves, and volunteering is one of the most beneficial and rewarding M.A.D. Move almost anyone can do. A study in Social Science and Medicine examining the relationship between volunteering and measures of happiness at the London School of Economics discovered that the more people volunteered, the happier they were. Volunteering not only is good for your mind and body bringing fulfillment and fun to your life but also allows one to connect with others and can help career advancement and networking.
There are many misconceptions about living in a tiny house, many of which are unfounded due to social perception. The size of the average house in North America has grown to an average of around 2600 ft² and that is perceived today as the norm, even though the size of the average family has decreased. Living tiny means downsizing to a more comfortable environment with a less demanding lifestyle in a smaller eco-friendlier dwelling.
While you are visiting the Family of Horses, which we explored last issue, go up the steps to the Calgary Municipal Building and admire one of the original lions that sat atop the Center Street Bridge. This historic piece of Calgary Public Art is the first one to be restored and was used to create a mold for the casting of 4 new lions that now guard our historic Center Street Bridge.

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