WebStamp February 05, 2020

Calgarian M.A.D. Moves

Throughout history, there have been many Calgarians that have Made A Difference that made an impact on our country. A few notable ones were Richard Bedford Bennett, Nellie McClung, Patrick Burns, the First World War Ace Frederick McCall, and Peter Lougheed. The Calgary Herald annually honours Calgarians, who’s significant achievements are not normally publicized, that have made a positive impact for Calgarians.


Then there are the many that have made some small, but significant, contribution to their communities, including many volunteers, providing many successful charitable and economic boosting events and community support. Our Mayor Nenshi began the M.A.D. Campaign 3 Things For Calgary, where many Calgarians participated in doing 3 things, no matter how small, that made Calgary better. This expanded to a national campaign 3 Things for Canada.

The Government of Canada even recognizes volunteers that have worked towards the betterment of the community and economy with yearly awards. Everyone can participate in improving the economy, the environment, and their lifestyle by simply doing something that you enjoy that will help someone, the community, Calgary, or even the nation. WebStamp has provided many ideas in past articles that most people can do. There is Shopping Locally, Staycations, support a Circular Economy, affordable housing, combating climate change. Doing a small part with many causes does make an impact.

What are your MAD Moves going to be this year? Is it going to be one or two big contributions that make a big impact or many tiny ones such as lending a helping hand to your neighbour? Together we can make Calgary a Vibrant ecofriendly sustainable city that will provide everyone with a comfortable stress-free lifestyle. Imagine what can happen when thousands of people Make A Difference.   

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WebStamp February 05, 2020

Throughout history, there have been many Calgarians that have Mad A Difference. What are your M.A.D. Moves this year?
. Since the completion of the widening of the 16th Ave. corridor in 2011 the city realizes tiny houses have their place in an urban environment. As part of the City’s affordable housing strategy, these small remnant spaces have become innovative and attractive Tiny Home properties for 16 families
We are all aware of the effects of Climate Change that is causing the current increasing extreme weather conditions. These ever-changing erratic weather patterns will affect the way we live and work in the very near future. WebStamp is encouraging all to make A M.A.D. New Year’s Resolution to Make A Difference to our approach to solving Climate Change.
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