WebStamp March 25, 2020

Alberta Foothills Morning

One of Calgary’s original wall murals was saved from a building that was demolished for the 16th Ave. widening. The larger than life ceramic wall mural, Alberta Foothills Morning, depicts a 1960’s vision of Alberta and was created by the local successful Canadian studio potter Ed Drahanchuk. The former Municipal District of Rocky View No. 44 office building that it was commissioned for was later transferred to the city when the land was annexed.


On a 2006 Fall Alberta morning the 8000 kg. mural was carefully relocated to its new location at the North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre (523 - 27 Avenue NW). It was a fitting choice since it was nearby and hosts an active ceramic studio who, with the community, appreciate the ceramic mural.


Using concrete as a background to compose the landscape with textured clay pieces, Drahanchuk gives us a glimpse of life in Alberta in the ‘60s. The sun shines on fields of wheat while the cows graze during early morning showers. The majestic view of the mountains and foothills are portrayed amongst oil derricks reflecting our interests of the time. In the foreground, an unglazed ceramic buckboard reflects our cowboy roots. As a humorous touch, Drahanchuk planted his own boot print in the muddy paddock of hoof prints. 

Ed Drahanchuk was born in Calgary and graduated from the Alberta College of Art in 1963. Ed along with his wife Ethel and sculptor Bob Oldrich founded the independent studio Design Associates specializing in art for corporate and architectural settings. The Drahanchuks moved to a new home and studio in Bragg Creek In 1968, wherein that same year Cheech Marin (later becoming part of the comedy duo Cheech and Chong) came to their door asking for a job as a studio assistant.

Experience an Alberta Foothills Morning with the assistance of this historic 11’x16’ tile mural. It has stood the test of time as a symbol of where Alberta has come from and continue to do so through bright and stormy days.

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WebStamp March 25, 2020

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Experience a Southern Alberta Morning with the assistance of this historic 11’x16’ tile mural. The larger than life ceramic wall mural, Alberta Foothills Morning, depicts the vision of Alberta in the1960’s
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