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Ever wonder why the economy is the way it is? It is all about the acquisition of monetary wealth while ignoring how it affects the social order. The City council seems to not be interested in preserving our historic iconic landmarks and removing some of Calgary's best public art. Red Bull might give you wings, but this iconic landmark mural gives wings to the dream.    

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Save The Iconic Saddledome

The Olympic Saddledome has been a
a vital part of Calgary's development and
should remain one of Calgary's trademarks.



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Should Calgary PreserveThe Saddledome?

WebStamp August 12, 2020

According to the Collins Dictionary, the definition of the popular phrase 'money is the root of all evil' means that greed is the cause of a particular problem or the cause of society's problems in general. It is not the money, but the love of money that many will cheat, lie and manipulate to acquire it.
There are many unique inspiring iconic landmarks in the City of Calgary, including some inspirational murals that reflect the spirit of Calgary. However, recently there has been a push to replace some of these iconic landmark murals.
For the past 25 years one of Calgary’s iconic landmarks, Giving Wings to the Dream, has been an inspirational symbol of hope to those living with the adversity of poverty and the challenges of trauma.

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