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Why Pet Sitters Are Good for You and Your Pet

Our pets are like our family members. We bond with them and depend on them for companionship and support and, in return, they love us unconditionally. In fact, there is a lot of research that shows that pets make our lives better. They help us feel less isolated and lonely, help us manage our stress levels and anxiety, and can be a positive influence on our mental health as they lower levels of depression and loneliness.

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But our pets can’t be with us all of the time. Fortunately, pet sitters are a great option for continuing routines and high-quality care when you – their family – can’t be present. Here are some of the benefits of in-home care for your pets.

In-Home Care Is Better for Your Pet

It’s only natural that we want what’s best for our pets, and we do what we can to make them happy, comfortable, and safe. That’s why more and more people are hiring in-home pet sitters when they’re away for both short or extended periods of time.

In-home pet-sitting services provide a more personal touch than boarding or doggie daycare facilities. They also offer round-the-clock care and can be much more affordable than traditional kennels or vet clinics.

An in-home pet sitter will come into your home and will feed, walk, play with, and clean up after your pets as if they were their own.  

Day Sitters

Many people work for long hours away from home and their pets. When your long hours are daily or on those occasions when you know you’ll be at the office late, getting a pet sitter in can relieve a lot of anxiety for both you and your pet. Your animal might be struggling with separation anxiety while you are at work. This issue is unfortunately common in pets who have been abandoned in the past or may have lived in a shelter.

Long-Term Sitters

Boarding in a kennel is not always the best option for your pet while you’re away for vacations or work-related travel. First, it's stressful for your pet to be away from their home. Second, they don't get much socialization which can lead to behavioural issues, and third, there are health risks from other animals and viruses.


Your pet will feel more at ease and less stressed because they are in a familiar environment. Sandia Animal Clinic explains that this is important because stress can lead to health problems for your pets, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive licking.

Preparing for Your In-Home Pet Sitter

One of the first things you’ll want to do is to have the pet sitter you choose to come to your home for a brief visit. That way, they can meet your pet and vice versa, and each of you will be able to tell if the match is a good fit.

Provide Important Information

During their initial visit – if the pet sitter seems like a good fit – take the time to familiarize them with your home. This includes everything from where the pet food is to how to work the television remote control. You may even want to introduce them to a neighbour that they can call upon in case of an emergency.

Make a list and hang it somewhere easy for your sitter to see, like on a bulletin board or magnetized to the refrigerator. This should have all the emergency contact numbers, including your mobile phone, your vet’s phone number, your pets’ feeding and grooming schedule, reminders for things like your WiFi password, and what day the garbage should be taken to the curb.

Provide the Right Tools

Besides having plenty of food and treats, you’ll probably want to purchase extra supplies like collars and leashes and perhaps special-case items, too. Just because you’re a pro at keeping your dog away from other dogs when you’re out on a walk doesn’t mean the sitter will be, too, so you might want to familiarize your dog with a muzzle. Then encourage your sitter to use it on walks to prevent accidental incidents. A proper fit is essential for muzzles, or else they won’t work. Ask your vet or groomer for the type they think would work well for your dog. Research them thoroughly to ensure you’re getting a reliable and effective one.

Put Safety First

Hopefully, you’ve thoroughly vetted your pet sitter before you’ve invited them into your home, but it still makes good sense to lock up your valuables and let them know if any parts of your home are off-limits to them.

Plan for Stress-Free Time Apart

Your time away from your pet can be stress-free for both of you by hiring a professional pet sitter to stay with them while you’re away. By preparing your home, your sitter, and your pet in advance, the experience can be happy and rewarding for everyone. With a little foresight and a well-matched pet sitter, you and your pet can have peace of mind even when you’re not physically together.


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WebStamp February 15, 2023

Our pets are like our family members. Your time away from your pet can be stress-free for both of you by hiring a professional pet sitter to stay with them while you’re away.
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