Republished July 18, 2017
People tend to gradually produce bad driving habits and tend to forget the real rules of the road which usually creates traffic mayhem. Like in the last issue we mentioned a new sign LEFT LANE ONLY FOR PASSING AND EMERGENCY VEHICLES encouraging slow drives to stay out of the left lane. Read more about the sign at

This issue’s discussion is about signalling, which many drivers do incorrectly. I find a lot of drivers signal just as they turn, or begin turning, where drivers should signal is at 100 meters before turning. This rule gives other drivers an indication that you will be slowing down ahead and they will be able to prepare for their breaking.

Turning the signal on after having entered the turning lane is another bad habit. The rule of signalling 100 meters before entering a turning lane also applies. When you are in the turning lane drivers already know that you are turning. Letting other drivers know ahead of time that you are entering a turning lane gives other drivers a heads up on what is going on up ahead.

Let us all look at the way we drive and breaking a few bad habits will lead to improving our driving experience.

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