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In this issue, we provide a sixth way for you to make a M.A.D. Move towards changing the economy by restructuring the way the economy operates. Whoa on lowering residential speed limits to 30. It is ridiculous, properly trained drivers is the answer to reducing traffic incidences. Now is when the youth begins the seasonal hockey journey, with some making a career of it represented by this mural celebrating hockey.   

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a vital part of Calgary's development and
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WebStamp October 23, 2019

The recent 2019 federal election shows that Canadians are concerned about preserving the environment but not at the cost of jobs and the bottom line. As the world changes, so do the way things are run. For change to happen, we need all forms of government to collaborate to create a truly Eco-friendly Sustainable Economy for all to be a part of.
As a band-aid solution to reducing traffic fatalities in residential neighbourhoods the City of Calgary, and Edmonton, are looking to propose a bylaw that would lower the speed limit to possibly as low as 30 km/hr. The current speed is fine, according to over 66% in a Calgary Herald Poll, the problem is that of inattentive drivers.
Addressing the increased recreational needs of Calgarians this public art project was part of the Max Bell Centre 2007 renovations.

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