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Save The Iconic Saddledome Survey

The Olympic Saddledome is slated to be removed from the Calgary Skyline after 2030. The saddle shape is an iconic reflection of what Calgary is all about, the wild west and innovation, and eliminating it would be a scar on Calgary’s image. This is your chance to voice your opinion on saving one of Calgary's Iconic Landmarks.

How do you feel about preserving the Saddledome?

The originally named "Olympic Saddledome" has been an integral part of Calgary’s character and vision for over 30 years. It deserves to remain as a representation of Calgary for many more years to come. What is your opinion?

Saving the Saddledome Articles

  1. Save The Iconic Saddledome Skyline

    Calgary Saddledome

  2. The Benefits of the Olympic Saddledome​

    Saddledome C of Red is Back

  3. Preserving Calgary's Historic Saddle​

    Alternate use for the Saddledome

  4. Preserving An Iconic Landmark​

    Imposing angle of the Saddledome

  5. Historic Saddledome Stewardship

    Saddledome Stewardship

  6. Keeping The Historic Iconic Saddle

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As part of Calgary’s downtown redevelopment, one city councillor has outlined his 50-year vision of transforming downtown into a vibrant cultural and entertainment district area in East Victoria Park. The only concern with this proposition is that within the next 20 years Calgary’s historic iconic Saddledome will be removed from our skyline.
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