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Welcome to our Marketplace. This is the place to find deals from local Calgary Merchants. Our Affiliate Members are providing specials to promote local shopping.

By buying local you are supporting your community and your neighbours. With every dollar you spend at a local business there is a return of around 3 times more money back into the economy than buying from the big box stores.

Learn more about how buying locally with our Support Yourself Through The Local Economy article Makes A Difference.

Join the M.A.D. Movement by shopping locally.

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Choose your local Calgary Zone to visit our Affiliate Member's online stores in the WebStamp Marketplace and check out the special deals they have to offer.




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WebStamp is working towards stimulating the local economy by getting Calgarians and local businesses to connect with their communities. Join the Movement promoting local commerce connecting with your neighbours.

As a local Calgary business you can become part of the Make A Difference Movement by submitting your business info for your FREE Business Directory Listing for the Local Business Directory that is divided into 5 Zones, Downtown Calgary, and the 4 Quadrants, making it easier to find a local neighbourhood business.