WebStamp February 20, 2017 | Volume 01 Issue 07

Volume 01 Issue 07

In this Issue:

  • Sesquicentennial Participation
  • Olympic Oval Identity Revival
  • Appreciating Canada’s 150th in Calgary
  • Keep Right Except to Pass

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WebStamp February 20, 2017

Canada has evolved into a great nation of diversity and strong communal bonds within our national, provincial, local, and ethnic communities. With Canada’s 150th confederation activities and celebrations, we all have the opportunity to shape the future of our great country.
Recently, in recognition of Canada’s 150th celebrations, the University of Calgary has refreshed the Olympic Oval’s identity with changing the logo of the facility. Confusion for 30 years between Olympic Plaza, Olympic Park, or Olympic Oval left many not realizing that the Olympic Oval is at the University of Calgary Campus.
There are many ways for Calgarians to participate in Canada’s 150th years of confederation. At home, we can take our Mayor Nenshi’s challenge "3 Things for Canada; Let’s all give a gift of three things—three acts of service".
There are many reasons why traffic becomes congested. With poor traffic-light synchronization matching vehicle flow, trains, construction, etc., by far slow drivers are the worst. Synchronization of the traffic lights is not too bad overall in Calgary, but slow drivers in the passing lane (that’s the far-left lane, for those who don’t know) prevent other vehicles from taking advantage of it.


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