Volume 02 Issue 19

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  • Political Correctness, have we gone too far?
  • Tiny Property Land-Use Movement
  • The Family of Man

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WebStamp February 21, 2018

A movement has arisen to altering, or avoidance, of certain words, expressions, and actions as not to offend disadvantaged members of particular groups in society. This perfection crusade has 76% of Canadians feeling that political correctness has gone too far,
With the last inhabited home at Midfield Mobile Home Park demolished, this would be a perfect opportunity for the City of Calgary to take the initiative to develop affordable eco-friendly home ownership tiny house lots within city limits. Since there are no redevelopment plans slated for the property, the city could collaborate with local tiny house builders and develop a pilot project to create an innovative tiny house community that could be used as a model for other future developments at this site.
The Brotherhood of Mankind statues, more commonly known as the Family of Man, is one of those Calgary’s iconic landmarks. The tall group of aluminum sculptures reflects the “Dominance of Man” with raceless and expressionless human children, women, and men extending their hands in a gesture of goodwill and fellowship.

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