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Volume 03 Issue 01

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In this first issue of our third year, we are asking Calgarians to join the movement saving the planet and prepare for Earth Day. WebStamp also explores the bronze sculpture inside the municipal building, The Bears.

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WebStamp April 18, 2018

Be sure to join the world’s largest ecological movement on April 22, 2018, that is providing stewardship for protecting the Ecological Footprint of our planet. Get Involved, Give to the Cause, and Spread the Word we need to protect our natural resources from dwindling beyond sustainability.
With Calgary being so close to the mountains it is no surprise that we would encounter a symbol of the Canadian wilderness in the city, the mighty bear. Tucked inside the SW corner of the Calgary Municipal Building we can find a stylized bronze sculpture by the French-born sculptor Suzanne Sablé, The Bears.
The definition of a tiny house, according to Wikipedia, is a house of less than 93 m² (1,000 ft²). Many come to the assumption of tiny as houses of up to 37 m² (400 ft²) and would use the term small for houses larger than 37 m² and not exceeding 93 m². The tiny house movement is not just about living in eco-friendly tiny trailerable units but more about simplifying your lifestyle, reducing unnecessary baggage and leaving more time and resources to enjoy life with.

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