Volume 03 Issue 22

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In this issue, WebStamp continues promoting a Circular Economy and creating a sustainable lifestyle for the benefit of all. Dentists are seeing more cavities and denture issues without fluoride in the water. Witness an offering by a god in the +15 Pedway 

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WebStamp February 20, 2019

There is movement arising to developing a more sustainable Circular Economy (CE) to accommodate the almost 70% of the population settling in and around cities. As the cities increase in population so does their need for more goods and resources. In today’s Linear Economy, “Take-Make-Use-Dispose” system is rapidly using up our resources and generating an exuberant amount of waste.
Are you ready for another plebiscite in 2021? Do you want the return of water fluoridation in Calgary’s water? Counsellor Jeromy Farkas argues it was not legitimate for council to unilaterally stop water fluoridation is showing support for another plebiscite for fluoridation coinciding with the 2021 municipal election.
Tucked into a little alcove in Calgary’s +15 Pedestrian System atop of 5th Ave. just east of 5th St. sits an organic abstract metal sculpture by the famous Alberta artist Isla Burns. Viewing “Offering to Selene from an Elephant God” sculpture. you will experience a glimpse of East Indian culture and mysticism with a modern abstract flair.

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