Volume 03 Issue 23

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In this issue: The debate whether citizens should support the construction for a sports and entertainment facility. The development of a Circular Economy has arisen, discover how you can be part of the movement to a sustainable economy and improved lifestyle. Thought you were lost -to get into perspective check out this glass and aluminum Mobius strip that continues on.

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WebStamp March 06, 2019

People shared that a culture and entertainment district should be more than just sporting and entertainment venues, and also should include a diverse variety of shops, restaurants, places to gather (like plazas and patios) and good green spaces.
achieving a sustainable eco-friendly society in a closed loop system following The 5Rs For Sustainable Living; refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle. Achieving a CE involves getting everyone involved. Governments, companies, and the general public all have to work in unison integrating their products and services to function with each other efficiently.

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