Volume 03 Issue 24

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With summer around the corner in this issue, WebStamp gives you insight into having a fabulous vacation, even if times are hard, with an inexpensive Staycation.  More needs to be done to reduce the burden of living with more cost-effective housing for the lower class.  

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WebStamp April 10, 2019

It’s that time of year with spring in the air when people begin to dream about what to do for summer vacation. A Staycation would be an affordable alternative holiday enjoying leisure activity within driving distance of home if it is not be practical to venture to exotic and far-off places.
With today’s economy, it can be trying to live an affordable sustainable lifestyle. The biggest expense is usually housing costs. The expense with housing can become quite costly finding a place to live.
An acrylic panelled structure configured as figure eights resembling Mobius strips extend into the lobby of the Jamieson Place building “Pathways to Everywhere”.

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