Volume 04 Issue 01

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WebStamp continues encouraging Calgarians to Join the M.A.D. Movement and Reaping The Benefits of Buying Locally. Everyone needs to get involved to promote change in improving the economy, On Prince's Island discover An Auspicious Find.

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WebStamp June 26, 2019

WebStamp continues inspiring with encouraging Calgarians to Join the M.A.D. Movement and work towards Making A Difference by getting involved with their Communities and Reaping The Benefits of Buying Locally.
Everyone needs to get involved and Make A M.A.D. Move to promote change. Only when the masses speak up is when progress seems to be made. It is up to you, your family, and friends to make the change by banding together to improve our lifestyles and environment
As you walk from Eua Claire over the Jaipur Bridge onto Prince’s Island you will encounter An Auspicious Find reflecting the ecological aspects of Prince's Island; water, air and land.

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