Volume 04 Issue 11

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In this issue, WebStamp wants all to have a Wonderful Holly-Jolly Christmas. In the New Year make a resolution to Make A Difference to preserve our lifestyle. 

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Save The Iconic Saddledome

Originally called the Olympic Saddledome, this Calgary symbol is slated to be removed within the next 5 years from our skyline. The historic structure has been a vital part of Calgary's development and should remain one of Calgary's trademarks.

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WebStamp August 12, 2020

This Holiday Season WebStamp would like all to have a Wonderful Christmastime. Even though it has become a stressful commercialized event, one can still enjoy the true meaning and experience of Christmas. Don’t stress yourself out and make it a joyous gathering with family and friends and spread goodness and cheer to all.
With the New Year, many are making resolutions to improve their lifestyle in the coming year. Make a resolution to Make A Difference in the coming year to do your part to combat Climate Change.

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