Volume 04 Issue 14

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In this issue, WebStamp continues its M.A.D. Movement to save the iconic Saddledome. We look at a way to minimize the global economic downturn by developing local sustainable Circular Economies. Discover how far a ripple expands. 

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Save The Iconic Saddledome

The Olympic Saddledome has been a
a vital part of Calgary's development and
should remain one of Calgary's trademarks.



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Should Calgary PreserveThe Saddledome?

WebStamp February 26, 2020

The Saddledome has been an Iconic Landmark for over 30 years and a symbol of what Calgary is all about. The iconic saddle shape of its inverse parabolic roof representing Calgary’s roots with cowboys, ranchers, farmers and agriculture, and the old west. The technical ingenuity and determination of Albertans is reflected in our skyline for the world to see. Let us keep the Saddledome and make it a place for people to enjoy visiting.
The development of a nationwide network of Local Sustainable Circular Economies would provide stability locally and could provide support to those local economies who need assistance in the event of a catastrophic disruptive event.
Inspiration for "Ripple" came from when a stone was thrown into the Bow River where a water circle with at least seven pathways emerged. Go reflect on your path in life with a meditative visit to Ripple and become aware of the importance the Bow River has played in the development of Calgary.

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