Volume 04 Issue 21

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Now that he COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the economy it would be a perfect time to0 restructure our economic system to a more sustainable one. Wonderland makes you explore your inner being. 

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Save The Iconic Saddledome

The Olympic Saddledome has been a
a vital part of Calgary's development and
should remain one of Calgary's trademarks.



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Should Calgary PreserveThe Saddledome?

WebStamp July 15, 2020

Today everything is about making money so you can spend it on over-priced products. As we all strive for a better future, we are led to believe that with more money we can provide better health care, better food, and other necessities and luxuries for a good life. Is there another way?
A unique interactive downtown Calgary sculpture turning heads that will inspire everyone who experiences it.

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