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We wish to apologize to our readers for the lack of new articles for the last several months. The situation that prevented us from providing the information for Calgarians to Make A Difference has been solved. Calgarians can now continue to discover new methods towards making M.A.D. Moves stimulating the local economy.

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In this issue, we look at how to improve the economy and eliminate shipping supply issues by having local people design and build local homes using local materials. The way we travel has changed dramatically over the last 150 years. We delve into the future to see if there is a solution to eliminating our traffic woes.

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WebStamp October 06, 2021

The dwellings we live in have changed over the last century. The average North American home has become larger to accommodate storing an overabundance of barely used items to make our lives easier. A return to vernacular architecture would be the most effective way to help bring back a community’s uniqueness and stabilize the economy, bringing wellness and joy.
Transportation has evolved into a lifestyle comfort where most everyone has one or more gas-guzzling vehicles which with an overabundance is now creating chaos in our cities with traffic congestion and destroying the environment.

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