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Join the M.A.D. Movement and Make a Difference by connecting with your community and helping stimulate the local economy. To get your FREE WebStamp Business Directory Listing just fill out the form below. If you have purchased a Premium Directory Listing, fill out the form after purchasing your Premium Listing.

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Add a logo to your FREE WebStamp Business Listing, along with an expanded description of your company and your own advertising on your own web page with a Premium Directory Listing.

Order your Premium WebStamp Business Directory Listing today and stand out from the other business in the WebStamp's Business Directory Listing.

FREE Business Directory Listing

WebStamp is offering a FREE Business Directory Listing to all Calgarians. Our goal is to create a local business directory helping all Calgarians to easily find a local business close to their neighbourhood. Our Calgary Business Directory is divided into 5 Zones; Downtown, and the 4 quadrants, where your business would be listed in the zone(s) you operate your business from.

Join the Movement promoting local commerce. With a FREE WebStamp Business Listing you are entitled to:

  • 8 words or less describing your business, or slogan
  • Your company name
  • Company Location
  • Contact information
  • Web presence link




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