WebStamp December 17, 2016

WebStamp Has Returned

After several months of redoing our website from scratch after it crashing, WebStamp has returned. Our printed web publication was enjoyed by many Calgarians while it was distributed and will return in the fall of 2017. Be sure to read the printed version when it returns with new ways to participate with your communities through print, the web, and social media.

You can still enjoy the great articles about Calgary on our web site and in our blog while we get everything rolling again. WebStamp has much more planned to help Calgarians to connect and participate in their communities. After receiving many requests to include a senior’s section for the many retiring Baby Boomers, we will be developing one that is geared towards those 55 and over with enjoying their golden years.

WebStamp has begun developing a local rewards program where you collect WebStamp Stamps from local merchants. "Not another rewards program - there are so many." is your response, but this one is slightly different. There is a twist, as always. Each WebStamp Stamp you collect from local merchants is worth a $1 towards merchandise or services from local merchants, and not some silly insignificant amount as with most reward programs. You won't have to add another rewards card in your wallet either, it's going to be an App for that phone you carry anyways.

WebStamp also has many things planned to help Calgarians to connect with their communities and help stimulate the local economy. We have heard Baby-boomers are retiring in the thousands daily and need help in finding the resources and activities to keep active and enjoy life. We are developing a senior’s section geared for those 50 & over so those less computer literate can easily find the things they need and are looking for.

Connecting Communities with Calgarians

Our goal is still the same; to help stimulate the local economy by getting Calgarians to participate in local events and activities and by buying locally. Case studies have shown that by buying from local merchants generates a premium in enhanced economic impact to the local community.

There are many benefits in participating and enjoying local activities and events. Topping the list is saving money and aggravation of travel and accommodation. By buying locally you are not only supporting yourself, but also investing in our local community groups and reducing our environmental impact. Additional benefits arise from getting better service, and creating more local jobs all at the same time keeping our community unique and encouraging local prosperity.

Enjoy the articles on what's happening in this great city of Calgary and discover how we can bring this city back from the great oil slump and economic downfall of 2016 and have fun doing.

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Marinus (René) Verschuren
Marinus (René) Verschuren
Founder of WebStamp, WebStamp
René has been involved in the publishing and printing industry since the 1970s. He has published and distributed a successful 24-page weekly news advertiser with a circulation of 4400 copies. Also for the last 20 years, he has been a printer, plotter, scanner and 3D printer technician and installer. Since High School, he also has worked as a janitor, cabinet maker, building construction, landscaper/designer, computer operator producing microfiche, graphic artist, and webmaster, among other professions, qualifying him as a Jack-of-All-Trades.

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The New WebStamp, improved to be more effective at connecting Calgarians and businesses with their communities in helping improving the local economy.
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