Volume 03 Issue 04

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In this issue, we look at Zero-Waste living as a sustainable lifestyle. Tiny Living can be quite comfortable. We continue to explore another sculpture by a well-renowned local artist. 

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WebStamp May 30, 2018

In the search for the good life, consumerism was created to provide an abundance of items to make life easier. This has caused a residual effect of an overabundance of things that are quickly discarded when they fail or are out of fashion and are replaced with new ones.
Many are intrigued with the Tiny House Movement even though they feel that they would feel cramped by living in a smaller space. Living tiny actually comes in many forms, from tiny, too small, and even includes mid-size houses.
We explore another Calgary public art project by the renowned Canadian Artist Roy Leadbeater; Balancing Act is a playful welded utilitarian sculpture in bright primary colours.

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