Volume 03 Issue 18

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In this holiday issue, we explore how to enjoy the new year and Making A Difference. Have yourself a wonderful Local Christmas. Brighten your holidays with a visit to the zoo walking through the fabulous seasonal light display.  

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WebStamp December 19, 2018

Even before Christmas arrives, many people start thinking about how to celebrate the New Year and making resolutions that will make the new year a more joyous and prosperous one. All over the world, the masses celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new one with a bang lighting up the night sky with fireworks. Make a resolution to Join The Movement this coming year that many people already have begun to Make A Difference in their world.
This is the time of year when people start bustling to get those last gifts they left till the last moment. Now is the time to shop locally from local merchants for those last-minute gifts so you have them for the big day. Not only will you be surprising friends and family with unique one-of-a-kind gifts but you will also be supporting the local economy and making it a more prosperous Christmas for the entire city.
Get in the holiday spirit at the Calgary Zoo. With over 2 Million lights it will certainly brighten up your evening. Come with family and friends and appreciate a stroll through the Zoo’s 21st annual glowtastic Christmas light display.

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