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Keeping The Historic Iconic Saddle

The deal reached for the development of Calgary’s new Event Centre has put another historic iconic building onto the demolition block. The Iconic Saddledome landmark will remain part of Calgary’s skyline at until least 2026 after the new Event Centre is finished and ready for the Flames to play in. Corporate greed has determined that replacing the Saddledome is better for their pocketbooks than preserving Calgary’s history and developing proper infrastructure.

Keeping the Iconic Saddledome Landmark

Calgary has lost many of its historic structures all in the name of progress, many that will be forgotten. Fort Calgary was demolished in 1914 to make way for railway stations. The 1889 Bank of Montreal Building on 8th Ave. and 1st St. was replaced in 1929 because the playful architectural design did not reflect the stability and financial power of the institution. The Hull Opera House which hosted opera, theatre plays, school concerts, fundraisers and auctions, an annual firemen’s ball, and more was leveled in 1962. The Gothic Revival architecture of the 1913 Southam Building with its gargoyles overwatching the city was removed from Calgary’s skyline in 1972. The 1909 Tram hangers were torn down in the 1940s along with the 1910 Canadian Pacific Railway station replaced with the Calgary Tower and Palliser Square in 1966.

The key to Preserving Calgary’s Historic Saddle is to repurpose the building into a community hub and a smaller sports venue. Imagine a place where you visit friends at a trendy coffee shop, shop at an indoor farmer’s market and exclusive pint-sized shops, while you’re waiting for the next minor sports event to happen all in one place. Or repurposing the Saddledome into a modern highly-needed recreation facility with 3 hockey rinks (replacing the one rink) and building a second floor with 3 soccer fields is something this city needs. The historic and iconic landmark of Calgary should remain and can become a sustainable major gathering centre as planned for the East Village.

Since the NEXT Fieldhouse proposed for the west end of downtown has been rejected due to soil contamination and the city is concerned about and has not provided a solution to parking, the city could build a multilevel parkade there with an easy link to the LRT in this area. Having the transit free ride extended to include the Sunalta station could help alleviate the downtown parking problem while using supposedly unusable land. The old Greyhound station linked to Sunalta station could also be revitalized complimenting the parkade and allowing easy access to the LRT station.    

Out of all of Calgary’s historic landmarks, the Saddledome is one that should be persevered. as the icon it has become for the city. The Iconic Saddledome has developed roots in Calgary’s history as a symbol of the city’s progress. The saddle-shaped parabolic roof represents our Cowboy heritage and technical ingenuity. We need to preserve our heritage and preserve Calgary’s roots while developing a sustainable society. Make your M.A.D. Move towards Making A Difference in the way this city preserves its history. Contact city council to voice your opinion, fill out the 1-question survey, and spread the word sharing through social media to prevent the loss of another historic, iconic landmark.



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Corporate greed has determined that replacing the Saddledome is better for their pocket books than preserving Calgary’s history and developing proper infrastructure.
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Save The Iconic Saddledome

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