WebStamp July 31, 2019


In front of the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede Trade Show & Convention facility depicting a typical Alberta ranching scene sits the life-size bronze sculpture "ROUNDUP”. The monumental finishing touch to the BMO Round-Up Centre represents the western heritage that makes Calgary unique and the importance of agriculture and ranching in Southern Alberta.



The unveiling of Roundup happened during the Calgary Stampede on July 10, 2000. The artist Linda Stewart, the Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Herb Grey, and Calgary Stampede President Rob Matthews, with General Manager Steve Edwards, presented the sculpture to the public. Linda is a local artist that grew up riding horses and is well known for her sculptures of cowboys, horses, and dogs portrayed in typical ranch scenes. The casting was completed on June 5, 2000, by Bronzart Casting of Calgary.

Be sure to discover the locally designed and produced sculpture Round-Up describing the building where people are rounded up for conventions and events and portraying the ranching tradition of Alberta.

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WebStamp July 31, 2019

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A locally designed and produced sculpture portraying the ranching tradition of Alberta.
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