WebStamp October 23, 2019

Frozen Dreams

As the weather gets colder and the snow begins to fall many begin dreaming of becoming part of Canada’s major sport – Ice Hockey. Frozen Dreams is 42’ mural in the Max Bell Arenas in southeast Calgary that celebrates both the amateur hockey player and the core experience of the game.  Addressing the increased recreational needs of Calgarians this public art project was part of the Max Bell Centre 2007 renovations.

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As a collaborative initiative by the Public Art Program and City of Calgary Recreation the Vancouver-based artist, Blake Williams, was awarded the $50,000 project following an open call process. The mural is comprised of a collection of ceramic tiles screen-printed with a combination of text, archival photographs, graphics, and photos.

Blake quoted that his art explores aspects of both human aspiration and inspiration within the framework of the urban environment. He feels that this celebratory mural is reflective of our search for physical and spiritual health.

Be sure to drop by the Max Bell Centre and explore the past, present, and possibly a glimpse of the future of ice hockey. Who knows, maybe it may inspire you to become the next Lanny McDonald.


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WebStamp October 23, 2019

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Addressing the increased recreational needs of Calgarians this public art project was part of the Max Bell Centre 2007 renovations.
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