WebStamp February 16, 2022

WebStamp's Resolutions For 2022

A month and a half into the new year where many are failing with their resolutions to Make A Difference to achieve a more enjoyable and prosperous future for themselves. What resolutions have you made yourself? How many of these resolutions are you succeeding at? One must remember that starting all your New Year’s resolutions all at once on January 1st is a sure way to fail at all of them. The beginning of the new year is when many should reflect on their past year’s behaviour and promise to make positive lifestyle changes throughout the year for a better future.


Instead of achieving all your resolutions at once, schedule small attainable goals for yourself throughout the year. Working one achievable step at a time makes it much easier in accomplishing that large resolution, or many small ones at the same time. Be sure to make resolutions that you believe you can keep. Don’t fret over a minor misstep for no one is perfect. One can easily get back on track by resolving to recover from a minor setback and reschedule.

WebStamp will continue with its M.A.D Moves for 2022 Making A Difference through connecting communities and promoting local sustainable commerce for a healthy and enjoyable existence for all. Our resolution for the year is to expand towards implementing the many ideas WebStamp has proposed in all the many great articles published in the last 5 years.

We will continue to fight to save the historic and iconic Saddledome landmark along with working towards the creation of a local self-sustainable economy that is beneficial to all, among other things.

WebStamp has grown to become a daunting task for only one person to handle. In 2022 WebStamp would like to help spearhead in Making A Difference through motivational campaigns that will change society for the better. One person alone cannot accomplish this monumental movement and that is why WebStamp will be recruiting volunteers to help organize, implement and support amazing M.A.D. Moves that will Make A Difference.

This year, instead of making resolutions to improve oneself, make a bigger impact on the environment you live in by volunteering your time Making A Difference for Calgarians supporting the many WebStamp causes. We are looking for people to help with organizing, providing and collecting information for such things as saving the Iconic Saddledome, developing a self-sustainable economy, eco-friendly carbon neutral affordable housing, and saving the planet for our grandkids and future generations.

Come Join the M.A.D. Movement and volunteer to Make A Difference connecting neighbours with their communities, Become the one to advise the elderly with our up-and-coming senior's section, write articles, or even help out with operating and maintaining WebStamp’s Website. Stay tuned, for in the next few months we will be posting specific volunteer positions to spearhead the many Make A Difference Campaigns. Help WebStamp keep its many lofty resolutions for 2022.

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WebStamp February 16, 2022

WebStamp will continue with its M.A.D Moves for 2022 Making A Difference through connecting communities and promoting local commerce for a healthy and enjoyable existence for all.
Many of the problems facing the world today are the result of the capitalistic economic goal of making a profit over meeting society’s needs and destroying the planet is one of them.
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Marinus (René) Verschuren
Marinus (René) Verschuren
Founder of WebStamp
René has been involved in the publishing and printing industry since the 1970s. He has published and distributed a successful 24-page weekly news advertiser with a circulation of 4400 copies. Also for the last 20 years, he has been a printer, plotter, scanner and 3D printer technician and installer. Since High School, he also has worked as a janitor, cabinet maker, building construction, landscaper/designer, computer operator producing microfiche, graphic artist, and webmaster, among many other professions. This qualifies him as a Jack-of-All-Trades with plenty of knowledge in many subjects.