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In this issue, WebStamp wishes all a Happy Festive Season. This will be our last issue for the year. We will return in May 2023 after updating the website and the way we do things. You can help Make A Difference with the M.A.D. Move of volunteering your time with WebStamp in providing your skills to help us provide more great content. 

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Triangulation is an extra challenging  3 or 2-Person chess variant played on a triangular board. Triangulation is based on the ancient Indian strategy chess game Chaturanga playing pieces of the Infantry, Chariot, Calvary, and General
Triangulation is played on triangles instead of squares to simplify the direction of each player’s movement. Perfect gift for strategy board game enthustiasts. 

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WebStamp July 13, 2022

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The year-end celebration shouldn’t be about consumerism and materialism with the competitiveness to impress, but rather a time to socialize with family, friends, and neighbours and Making A Difference for all, including yourself. There are many ways to enjoy the Traditions Of Christmas and bring hope in the darkest times spreading peace and joy and goodwill for all.
WebStamp is going to be undergoing a change towards improving in Making A Difference. We will return in May 2023 after updating the website and the way we do things. Volunteer your wasted time and help WebStamp to promote a better way.

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Not only is climate change having a very real impact on the ecosystems, but also on our social and economic systems. Exponential increases in global temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, raising sea levels, and natural hazards has everyone scrambling to recover from these upsurges of disasters.
The M.A.D. Moves Blog is about Calgarians Making A Difference!
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