Stop Messing With Our Time

The controversial man-made bi-yearly phenomenon, Daylight Saving Time, is upon us once again. March 14, 2021, is when Albertans set their clocks an hour ahead so we can have more productive lives with an extra hour of sunlight in the summer.  With less than 40% of the world participating in the ritual, with more governments legislating to eliminating changing the clocks, tend to cause major disruption to our lives.

It seems that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to not having to change the clocks twice a year. Apparently, darkness in the evening is more dangerous than darkness in the morning. The longer evenings reduce crime and saves energy with turning the lights on later. We tend to be more rested sleeping better, which decreases heart attack rates and improved health.

The final advantage of not changing clocks benefits recreation and commerce not being hampered by evening darkness and tends to flourish with having more evening daylight.

Our neighbour to the east, Saskatchewan, has kept the same time year-round for the last 60 years. Last year the Yukon legislated permanently staying on DST. BC and Ontario are in the process of abolishing the ritual. Even in the USA, many states are eliminating the outdated time change ceremony.

Even our Provincial Prime Minister, Jason Kenny, agrees that we need to stop the useless bi-yearly ritual and wants to put it a costly referendum to let Albertans have a final say. There are other more cost-effective ways to find out what Albertans want. In fact, the UPC had 141,00 Albertans respond to a government survey where 91% said they would like to stop changing their clocks twice a year and stick with Daylight Saving Time. This should be enough of an indication to the Alberta government that Albertans are tired of changing their clocks.  

It is time to stop the practice of changing clocks twice a year and keep everyone in the same time frame so we don’t have to second guess what time it is and confusing our, and our pets, biological clocks. Join the Movement to keep more daylight in the evenings, even in the winter, because it is just healthier and more enjoyable to stop messing with our time.

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The controversial man-made bi-yearly phenomena, Daylight Saving Time, is upon us once again. It is time to stop the practice of changing clocks twice a year and keep everyone in the same time frame.
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