Congestion on the Deerfoot

There are many elements that effective the traffic in Calgary. My biggest peeve are the slow drivers, especially those that hog the left lane hindering the flow of traffic. This Traffic Blog is tackling the issue by informing Calgarians on ways we can improve the way we get around this great city of ours.

We shall be discussing ways that drivers can improve their driving habits. We all have some bad driving habits we have slipped into that need to be corrected. Having most drivers following the rules of the road would be a great start in improving traffic flow, not to mention also a reduction in traffic mishaps.

Lets not forget City Hall and all their strange concepts on traffic synchronization and flow. WebStamp will be asking why we need to stop at each light, even for a few seconds, forcing traffic to a crawl. With vehicles constantly accelerating and stopping, not to mention also sitting needlessly idle, we are also contributing to polluting our environment. Discussions on road and design improvement, traffic light synchronization, and anything else dealing with Calgary traffic are what this blog is all about. Be sure to join in the conversation and let us know what ails you with Calgary traffic.

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