WebStamp April 3, 2017 | Volume 01 Issue 10

Volume 01 Issue 10

April 17, 2017

Inside this Issue:

  • Make a M.A.D. Move
  • Main Street Initiative -Revisited
  • Tiny House Communities –Design Concept

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WebStamp April 3, 2017

Articles in this Issue of WebStamp

Why not take a holiday on a budget, explore all the great attractions and events happening in our own backyard with a Staycation.
There is this movement happening worldwide where people are simplifying their lives. They are moving out of the high cost of living and downsizing to a more sustainable tiny house living. Current land-use laws hinder the development of Tiny House Communities.
Our current economic slump is having a heavy toll on charities and non-profit organizations that are there to assist many of us through difficult times or trauma. With this larger demand taxing these organization’s efficiency is when the support is mostly needed.


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