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Staycations Supports Local Economy

With summer around the corner, many Calgarians are contemplating on enjoying a memorable summer vacation. However, the current depressed economic situation is preventing many from getting much needed rest and relaxation. Why not take a holiday on a budget, explore all the great attractions and events happening in our own backyard with a Staycation.

Enjoy a Staycation

Transportation and accommodations costs usually take up most of a vacation’s budget, so with a staycation, you actually eliminate the biggest expense of your holiday. This leaves you with extra cash on some extra luxurious indulgences. Enjoy a meal at that exquisite restaurant, or a day at that fancy spa, something you may not be able to enjoy after spending a fortune on the trip and hotel.Taking your holiday at home also is less stressful. No worries on missing your flight, losing your luggage, or discovering your accommodations are less than adequate.

Not having to worry about so many things you actually can relax and go at your own leisurely pace. You also end up having more time to enjoy your vacation by not having to travel long distances.

Staycations are eco-friendlier. Since travelling pollutes the air, with staying at home you are doing your part to reduce global warming. You may even discover something to enjoy within walking or cycling distance from your home and benefit from some much-needed physical activity to keep fit.

Become a local tourist, benefit yourself and support your local communities. As a vacationer, you would contribute to local job creation, the development of local businesses and support the tourism industry. There is always so many things happening throughout the year in Calgary, especially during Canada’s Sesquicentennial. Visit the many attractions, festivals, events and nightlife curriculum that you have not seen or participated in. There is much information available online for shopping, restaurants, recreation, or whatever tickles your fancy. If you are not sure what to do, book a tour and discover the many places you could take your out-of-town guests to when they come.

Giving back to the nation that has prospered Canadians for the last 150 years is what Canada’s Sesquicentennial is all about. What better way to give back than to enjoy some R&R and knowing that you have contributed to improving the welfare of your neighbours and communities. A Staycation is a great way where you can “Join the Movement” and make a difference for all.

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